A Velvet Blazer For Every Dapper Guy

February 16th, 2015

Velvet is a material that’s seriously luxury — And just about all fashion stylists agree. The time-tested fabric has been routinely crafted into pants, accessories, and blazers, for years. Gentlemen who are fashion-conscious have been wearing the velvet blazer trend for eons, and for a very good reason. The style is attractive, flexible, and quality — frankly more than many other menswear pieces released by designers. Truly fashionable guys understand the art and science of mens fashion, and the key is to wear pieces that are luxury, but not as overpowering. No wonder artistically designed velvet blazers for men (also suggested at sunshine-chinaline) continues to be a staple!

gold velvet blazer

The Attractiveness Of Velvet

Velvet is one of the true fabrics of fashion that have been reserved for royalty, at some time in history. This merely goes to show that even ancient royalty knew the perks of such an interesting, and good-looking fabric.

Flexible Blazer Styles

Blazers are the most flexible item in fashion, simply because you can always dress up or down with them. A tshirt, or a business, collar-shirt will do. Denim jeans can also be paired well with the look, easily! Flexibility is key in mens fashion, and velvet blazers offer that better than any other menswear item.

On Velvet Blazer’s Excellent Quality

Great quality is paramount to staying fashionable. Most fashion-savvy guys know the value of great quality. Velvet is a material that usually goes through rigorous quality control to ensue that it can last a long time, and be reused with little to no hassle. Easy to maintain, clean, and wear are all things that makes velvet blazers for men much more of a great item. Quality is essential in mens fashion, and stylish guys who keep quality on their checklist while shopping, are in for a good deal.

Velvet blazers are the secret to staying a dapper, modern guy, especially if great quality and design is priority. Getting a velvet blazer can be easy, and fashionable, especially if you flexibly wear it and pair it correctly with your other clothes and accessories. Get the look, and be very stylish and dapper, with a cool, velvet blazer!